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Campaigns & disputes

Islington TUC banner



From Paine to the Tolpuddle Martyrs and onwards, a celebration of workers’ struggles.

Mick Gilgunn, left, and Gary Heather show off the ITUC banner symbolising "a campaign for workers’ rights in Islington".

A spectacular banner – measuring eight feet by six and depicting Islington’s radical history from the time of Tom Paine. The colourful banner celebrates Islington’s labour history.

The design of the banner includes the Angel Inn, where Tom Paine is said to have written the Rights of Man in 1792. It depicts Copenhagen House, scene in 1834 of a demonstration of 100,000 people campaigning for the Tolpuddle Martyrs to be returned to Britain from Australia, where they had been forcibly transported for setting up an early trade union.The banner shows Islington Town Hall, with the red flag flying, and Vic Turner (wearing a red tie), one of the Pentonville Five imprisoned in 1972 for defying an anti-trade union law. In the foreground are contemporary workers, in­cluding a nurse. The banner was sponsored by solicitors Edwards Duthie and handcrafted by Ed Hall.

Please contact us for details of campaigns and disputes in Islington.

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